Obscure 1970s Funk Music

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The 1970s and 1980s, that’s quite a long – and diverse – period of time.It should be easy to find some musical gems, right?So let’s make it a little harder (read: more fun) and take lesser-known to mean songs by artists or bands who are not yet mentioned by anyone else on Quora (to the best of my research). That given, I tried to list one song for each year.

The better protest songs are the universal ones that still remain relevant. the roots of which are firmly anchored in Washington DC and the 1970s funk scene. Go-go has been described either as a “b.

Britain’s Northern Soul music scene exploded with the first "all-nighter" at the Wigan Casino nightclub. it was driven by obscure tracks from the heyday of American soul between 1965 and 1971. Comp.

Hola! me gusta que difunda la música, en especial este disco que lo estaba buscando m/ Me llamo Ana María y soy administradora de un directorio web/blog.

The 1970s was when rock grew up. Bands like Deep Purple, Led Zeppelin, Queen, Black Sabbath and Blue Öyster Cult bestrode the globe like musical colossi, selling records my the million, elevating popular music to another level, and setting the template for anyone who subsequently picked up a guitar or screamed into a hairbrush in front of a mirror.

Blaxploitation is a term coined in the early 1970s to refer to black action films that were aimed at black audiences. Featuring African-American actors in lead roles and often having anti-establishment plots, the films were frequently condemned for stereotypical characterization and glorification of violence.

The History of Rock and Dance Music: 1970-1975 History of Rock Music | 1955-66 | 1966-69. Funk music was the soundtrack of the mid 1970s, (1976). Black and gay disc-jockeys resurrected old, obscure rhythm’n’blues songs, added a pulsing beat and extended their duration (a technique imported from Jamaica) in order to make people dance for.

Find this Pin and more on Obscure Bands To Hear Before You Die by Cory Wojtala. The Judge are a new signing for the mighty Ripple Music. the band we. The Judge Self Titled – classic rock hard rock heavy rock psychedelic rock stoner rock St. Louis band shredding out 70’s inspired jams.

They will not, therefore, get much attention for this album in the current climate, where 1970s sounds like funk have been replaced by 1980s. Similarly, the album’s lyrics are wilfully obscure and.

dance and pop music for the next three decades and beyond. “Breaks” or “breakbeats” first emerged in the formative days of the early 1970s, when a DJ in the Bronx, New York named Kool Herc popularized.

Here’s short but sweet mix of these rare and glorious soul 45s from Panama, a country with a small population but a vast musical soul. Ranging from late 60s to mid 70s deep soul sounds, this mix showcases the unique approach to soul music that Panamanians put forward.

Funk grew into its own in the 1970s and continues to find a strong place in music to this day. Musical Style Funk music is groove-based and syncopated, emphasizing the downbeat where the beat is based on the one and three counts in four-four time.

These days, however, no one holds such a simultaneously exalted and obscure position in popular music as George. (Clinton’s term), or the P-Funk All-Stars. Although it made an album, Osmium, for th.

He started a landscaping company and a natural foods distribution business, but kept playing music. He eventually became a member of Clover, a jazz-funk-rock fusion group that developed a following in.

Top Ten Songs Of Each Year 1970-1979 Criteria: Songs listed are from Rock ‘n’ Roll and related sub-genres. Rankings are based on initial and lasting popularity and.

The Hot Chip founding member’s first official solo full-length is a collection of charming odes to the history of dance music. For Electric Lines, Goddard has adapted. re on Our Way Home” by 1970s.

Matt Ingram aka Woebot reckons we’ve lost touch with the true nature of rock music in the 1970s, a subject he tackles in his new. be described as your typical Nationalists. If you enjoy The Quietus.

In the new book George Clinton and the Cosmic Odyssey of the P-Funk Empire, he has taken on the task with aplomb, and provided a glimpse into the twisted alien heart of a movement that existed slightl.

The 1970 Oscar nominees in Best Original Song were. From there, the category gets a whole lot less remarkable, although “‘.

We hear some songs so often on the radio that we automatically sing along with them, but how much of what we’re singing do we really understand? (See part one here.) 1. “WE’RE AN AMERICAN BAND,” GRAND.

Melody Records, the music shop that has stood on the north side of Dupont Circle since the late 1970s, announced yesterday that it. DCist’s Pat Padua advised anyone seeking out a copy of an obscure.

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Disco is a music genre and subculture that emerged in the mid-1960s and early 1970s from the United States’ urban nightlife scene. Disco started as a mixture of music from venues popular with African Americans, Hispanic and Latino Americans, Italian Americans, LGBT people (especially African-American and white gay men), and psychedelic hippies in Philadelphia and New York City during.

Drummer Don Brewer wrote this tune during Grand Funk’s 1972 tour. “Sweet” Connie Hamzy is. Canadian singer/songwriter Neil Young’s song “Southern Man” (from his 1970 album After the Gold Rush) was.

Covering two sides of the multifaceted Nigerian pop landscape of the 1970s, these two first-rate compilations from Britain’s Soundway touch on disco-tinged club music and heavy. of your body that n.

unbridled vocalist and ferocious sonic experimentalist who released three sexually potent funk manifesto LPs in the ’70s before abruptly retiring from music and retreating from the public eye in a shr.

Life African Gospel Music October is Respect Life Month!This year’s Respect Life theme is "Every Life: Cherished, Chosen, Sent," highlighting our call to build a culture of life as missionary disciples. Love, Rachel Kurtz grabs gospel by the throat

Key Difference: Music is a blissful art which is admired by almost everyone.Music can be divided into numerous categories based on elements, temperament, tone, etc. Some of the popular music types are – Jazz, Hip Hop, Rock, Blues, Country, R&B, Folk and Fusion.

Soul music (often referred to simply as soul) is a popular music genre that originated in the African American community in the United States in the late 1950s and early 1960s. It combines elements of African-American gospel music, rhythm and blues and jazz.Soul music became popular for dancing and listening in the United States, where record labels such as Motown, Atlantic and Stax were.

100 Greatest "Classic" R&B, soul songs chosen for their impact, influence and quality in R&B from 1950-1979.

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Find this Pin and more on Obscure Bands To Hear Before You Die by Cory Wojtala. The Judge are a new signing for the mighty Ripple Music. the band we. The Judge Self Titled – classic rock hard rock heavy rock psychedelic rock stoner rock St. Louis band shredding out 70’s inspired jams.

Newsboys Gods Not Dead Singer Shane Harper Shane Harper, who starred in God’s Not Dead, is a singer, actor, dancer and songwriter. He appeared as a principal dancer in High School Musical 2 and in Nickelodeon’s Dance on Sunset. John’s

First of all, ignore the lame album title and even worse cover artwork; this is a terrific compilation of soul and funk music, mostly from the 1970s, but there are also a handful of tracks from the late 1960s and one song (by Material, with Nona Hendryx on vocals) from 1981.

Old Fashioned Hymns With A Beat On several occasions, vertical light movement was synchronized with each song’s beat and tempo. but overall, Old Dominion. These incidents tend to be, Rich explains, ‘old-fashioned bigotry towards Jewish people’, unleashed. And if he’s ‘unlucky’.

CHAPTER TWELVE: OUTSIDERS’ MUSIC: PROGRESSIVE COUNTRY, REGGAE, SALSA, PUNK, FUNK, AND RAP, 1970s Chapter Outline I. The Outlaws: Progressive Country Music A. During the late 1960s and early 1970s, mainstream country music was dominated by: 1. the slick Nashville sound, 2. hardcore country (Merle Haggard), and

Wonder’s uncanny ability to blend message with melody led to a string of huge hits — from 1965’s "Uptight (Everything’s Alright)" to 1967’s "I Was Made to Love Her," from. to obscure. Likewise, in.

The 1970s were when icons were born. With the groundwork for a new sense of aesthetic and personal freedom laid in the swinging 60s, people experimented with their sound, look and entire persona.

Vivacious and impulsive, she ushered in a new era of female soul that reflected chic sensuality and bold fierceness in black womanhood during the 1970s. In his own right, Mardin was a master of pop-so.